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Giving your staff, clients or partners a complimentary gift is a great way to achieve a number of benefits for your business. Internally, it can help maintain cohesion and boost morale by giving employees an extra reward on top of their normal salary or benefits. Whether this is equipment that will help them at work or just a token of acknowledgement, it helps show that staff are appreciated and emphasises their value to the business.

If you give gifts to existing customers whether as a once-off or as a reward, it can help maintain brand loyalty and make them feel a valuable part of your success. For others that you wish to turn into new customers, gifts are a great way to draw attention to your brand, build a positive image and attract new sales at a cost that is generally much cheaper than strategies such as advertisements on television and in newspapers. For example, an umbrella is an everyday item that can be used many times down the track; if an umbrella is given as a gift, it can be a simple way to remind the recipient of your brand, improve your image and encourage them to choose you over a competitor.

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